gallery 2035

The Gallery spaces are the primary fundraising venue for Reno Art Works. Studio 2035 Gallery offers both resident and guest artists the ability to exhibit their work in an intimate professional space. Commissions/donations from artwork sales are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. These funds help to offset the overhead costs, needed repairs, cosmetic upgrades, loss of revenue due to vacancies, advertising, etc. The funds are for the benefit of all residents and allows for the lowest possible rental fees.

Guest Artist Exhibitions

Guest Artists are welcome to show in our Gallery when the space is available. Guest artists wishing to have one-person exhibitions in the gallery whether for sale or not must obtain their own event insurance for the show. They are also responsible to hang or install their exhibition, pay for all food, drinks and live music. Guest artists who wish to show and sell their work in the gallery space are required to pay a 40% commission/donation of each sale from the gallery. All sales to be made through the RAW account. The gallery space may be used for installation purposes (not for sale). If so, an guest artist is required to pay a rental fee of $200. Artists must submit the following information to be considered for a show.

Application Requirements

Name of applicant and contact information
Current CV (Curriculum Vitae) and Artists Statement for your show
Please tell us why you wish to show in our gallery. Is there something specific about Studio 2035 Gallery that resonates with you?
5 to 10 work samples (images must be in JPEG format, no more than 2048 pixels on longest side) or a link to a website where your images can be viewed.
Gallery exhibitions are on a first come first serve basis as exhibition dates become available.

Email your information to: Subject: Gallery Exhibition Application

Selection Process

Applicants are selected based on their portfolio of work and written materials supplied in the application.


Applicants will be notified via email.